Lucid Dream with a Golden Dog-eel

I become lucid and go to the ocean. I am flying slowly. The waves are inches below me, the wind warm, the night purple and star-studded. I dive into the water.

The water is clear and blue, seems to be internally lit. I see several happily swimming golden blurs of dogs, I feel the joy, it seems like music is coming out of them. Immediately one swims up to me, much like a golden retriever but with an oddly circular human face. A slightly feminine voice, she says “You’ve found me!” I’m filled with an incredible peace and  ecstasy. She makes me think of an older lady I grew quite close to in a hospital once.

She takes me on her back and we whirl through a number of places, I am trying to keep my balance on her back as she has become a long eel type creature. I am full of wonder. We pass through a high ceilinged kitchen with maze-like patterns on the wall.

We start to pass through a busy subway, all kinds of people and creatures milling about – and I’ve fallen off as we passed over a downward escalator. I look off worried  about catching up as I notice my dog-eel friend has kept going and getting further away. A black girl with a small scar above her eye and a ponytail has stopped me with a knife in her hand, trying to keep me moving forward. I recognize her as a manifestation of me (shadow?) and start to struggle with her, grasping her wrist to keep her from stabbing me. I will myself to wake up in a panic, even though I am more frustrated than scared, even though I consider that her knife would not truly hurt me in the dream state.

I teleport to a bedroom. See a small girl’s head with two hair buns slightly greenish floating at the foot. I roll over and wake up.


Kink, Graffiti, and a Rabid Dog

My university has morphed to the size of a national park. I am running through nature in search of a secret hideout I have made to hide from my irl ex-lover Paul. In flight I ponder my mixed feelings for the kinky sex we share. On one hand, I fear and loathe having certain boundaries crossed by him. Yet despite leaving him several times, I still seek his particular brand of sexual pain. With him I experience a sense of utter surrender that I have found nowhere else in my life.

He finds me in the forest. I lay with him for a little bit….

I have painted something on a lecture hall chalkboard in the middle of the night. Later, I am confronted by Anya, one of my art professors, who very calmly asks me if I did it. She seems to be implying that it has been well received and people are curious to find the creator. I stand silent before her, weighing in one hand the prospect of fame-filled career and the other, the freedom of certain anonymity.

In real life, I have left university for about a month now, where I have been studying art. Instead of completing my final class required for the completion of my degree – not an art class, but a general ed requirement to be taken over the summer- I have run off with a stranger who offered me a life on the road. I have been living/loving in the desert for the past few weeks and we are now traveling north, having reached a major city in the northern area of my state. The person I have been traveling with espouses an artistic life that doesn’t revolve around commercialization and self-promotion as well as feeding into my life-long desire to live off the grid.

I go for a walk outside the van. A caramel colored little poodle is hunched over a carcass of some sort, eating.. i stop, and it turns to look at me  with. It’s eyes are rabid. A moment passes, then it leaps on me and sinks in its teeth. I try to shake it off but can’t so I start screaming in attempt to scare it off.

In real life, I start screaming so Angel wakes me up. I don’t think I have ever screamed myself into waking reality before, which is something quite common for my father, who my mother and I frequently saved from rocky dreams.