Dream bits: ghost-muck and groceries

I am filled up with ghosts. Like I’m being dragged into metaphysical tar. Angel sitting in front of me plays with my hands like chi is trying to pull me back from it. We are in a cemetery. There’s a gate in front of us, people chilling there look at me smiling like it’s all a joke and I’m about to snap out of it and join them. I break out of the ghost-muck and start bouncing up and down playing with Angel.

A dream with a dress rehearsal; I’m volunteering to help put it together. I am running around the city looking for items the directors have asked for. Through old wooden hotel rooms. I go back to the theater and each of us volunteers is given a bag of groceries…fresh veggies! Some are unhappy wondering where the chips and stuff are.


Ghost Hands/Trip with a Lover

I am falling asleep in the van, in and out of consciousness. Angel is talking with Jerry just outside the vehicle, and I lie there uncertain if I should come out. At one point, I sit up. I look into my body and see my astral hands in perfect vision, but they are gray and ghostly, in a way that makes me fear I am decaying inside. After all, shouldn’t the astral body be full of light and rainbows or glittering to some degree? I conclude that I must be doing the wrong thing, coming on this trip…that I might, I must, be rotting myself from the inside out. Then Angel comes and shakes me and I feel better.

Flashes…I am in my parent’s new apartment, I hear someone calling for me, or perhaps a parent tells me someone is calling me. I step out into the balcony, look down and to the left, New Lover, someone I have never seen before, black male-assigned with long braids and a femme outfit is smiling and waving at me, beckoning me to come find him. I get my clothes on and run out to meet him. As we drive off, I put my feet up on the deck and he admires my platform mary janes while showing me his platformed heeled boots.