The Circle is Open (- never broken)

I’m riding through elevators, wearing my usual black hoodie. My coven is gathering in a loft somewhere in downtown LA.

We meet. There’s the one that has a hankering for my sweet side, that I find slightly annoying. He is going to participate in the calling of the elements.

Four of us are gathered around the grimoire. There’s a mentor of mine sitting off to the side on a folded futon, lazily watching us.

I’ve arrived a little late, they’ve begun the calling. My friend M is there, she is reading the evokation for wind. Someone else does the calling for fire, which comes next. I’m a little irritated and disappointed because I wanted to evoke fire, being a fire sun sign I’m all gung-ho about anything fire-related. No one gets in my way…urgghh…the boy that dreams of me is doing the water evokation. I feeling time run thin as someone calls earth – which am I to do? I realize I’ve been tasked with calling the fifth element. I grab my time-space slot and evoke the Bond that ties all together, the Golden Thread, thanking Spirit and all the elementals for showing presence. My mentor starts egging me to raise energy. I attempt a chant that raises energy and lowers it, forming waves around us in the glowing circle. It dies down soon to a steady beat, but I feel somewhat beat because I saw a glint of mischief in my mentor’s eyes.

I soon must go somewhere else…back to travelling…

Featured image is original art, follow for more @rasmasresha


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