Toilet Portal/ Cigs/ DXM Brownies

I fill my backpack prepared for a adventure, step into the toilet and flush because its a portal into the city. I’m trying to escape the oppressive atmosphere of my family home.  I’ve been wandering round the apartment/organizing my room feeling uncomfortable wanting to get away from my parents. My dad had brought gingerbread cookie dough home but after spending sometime opening and closing the fridge I couldn’t find it otherwise I would have packed that too.

Buying cigarettes w/ A. I ask the cashier how much a carton is of my brand and she pulls out two incorrect, massive packages where the cig boxes are all connected like a strip of condoms before she gets it right. She doesn’t have cartons of my type so I just buy one pack.

I’m at a childhood friend’s house, we are preparing for a party. I’m left on baking duty – making brownies. I notice the package of coconut sugar contains dexthromethorphan (if only, dream world!) and that I must be making dxm brownies. Surprised that my childhood friend is into the drug as I don’t meet many people who a. know about it b. love it.




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