Lucid dream with psychic nature

A seaside town. Bright puffy clouds in a blue sky

bubbly colors everywhere, people’s clothes, the paint on the houses and shops

I go in the van

I wade through a subway river filled with fish that leap at me

Emerge, realize it’s a dream, begin flying. soar up into the clouds and all around until i drop into the subway again due to a split second of self doubt and somewhat lose some lucid ability to do as i please

dream continues with me partially lucid

some friends and i gather in a house. maya is there, seems to be manic

i go to an art festival in a convention hall and collect artwork, looking for pieces that might inspire my friends. someone gifts me an ink drawing of a crow, not realistic, framed with black cloth. i obtain some pretty sparkling embroidery threads

i go back to the van to organize the art and find some of my older artwork tucked away. drawn to a thing i made in this dream wold which is a 3d unicursal hexagram shaped  object with paintings all around it, baphomet in a meadow type thing on one side. the painting is on a foldable wooden structure about nine feet tall standing on the ground. i consider that i must take pictures of all my work so i can finally make that dang website

…then Angel wakes me up, saying chi needs my credit card to fund a site host! i tell hymn i only consent if the server can hold multiple websites so i can make my art site. 🙂




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