Toilet Portal/ Cigs/ DXM Brownies

I fill my backpack prepared for a adventure, step into the toilet and flush because its a portal into the city. I’m trying to escape the oppressive atmosphere of my family home.  I’ve been wandering round the apartment/organizing my room feeling uncomfortable wanting to get away from my parents. My dad had brought gingerbread cookie dough home but after spending sometime opening and closing the fridge I couldn’t find it otherwise I would have packed that too.

Buying cigarettes w/ A. I ask the cashier how much a carton is of my brand and she pulls out two incorrect, massive packages where the cig boxes are all connected like a strip of condoms before she gets it right. She doesn’t have cartons of my type so I just buy one pack.

I’m at a childhood friend’s house, we are preparing for a party. I’m left on baking duty – making brownies. I notice the package of coconut sugar contains dexthromethorphan (if only, dream world!) and that I must be making dxm brownies. Surprised that my childhood friend is into the drug as I don’t meet many people who a. know about it b. love it.




Redhead and Techno-temple

Long red haired fellow I knew, a jolly sorta guy, named Daniel and I are climbing a silky red rope ladder into the air. Some sort of festival. I’m terrified; looking down I notice we are hundreds maybe thousands of feet from the ground. He notices I’m scared and detaches the ladder somehow to show me something fun. We fly through the air holding on to the silks; we fuck midair.

I’m walking alongside a freeway trying to find the festival/friends again. Scene changes and I’m in some carpeted techno-temple. An electronic flying device lifts me and ??? to the “altar” area of the room, where the priestess, clearly equipped with cybernetic technology, congratulates me in reaching the afterlife. I can’t fully understand her language but the gist of it is I have entered a higher plane of existence…She gives me a straw woven basket lid looking thing to carry my lower half while the flying device lifts me away from her and I land in a location with an escalator, knowing I must enter and face some sort of challenge on the upper floor.

I go in. Enter some platinum coated rooms with blinking lights and such all over. Feeling pretty confident.  I have a laser gun and shoot several oncoming creatures, many are both humanoid and robotic. I face the final guy who has a pointy bearded triangular head and two opaque lenses on the top of his head for eyes. I kill or incapacitate him.

Go back down to the main floor. Am feeling good and all until the guy I thought I just killed turns up. I don’t have any of my weapons. He shows me a maplike paper with a few holes punched out of it, indicating that these are the times and places where he has died, saying that I will have to experience it sooner than later. He provided me this opportunity by plunging his needle like fingers into my nose and throat. I am oddly relieved as all this happens.

Soaring in the woven basket lid over a great river in a canyon…Wondering how much more I will get to do knowing I may die and undie infinitely.

‘she needs her goddesses’ dreambit

black girl with long brown curls bowing down in the middle of a party saying she needs her goddesses, calling for oya?

i search the atmosphere for the orishas, am confronted by a red and yellow painted-lookin lizard

//wake up thankful to eleggua for answering me in my time of indecision and opening this path for me.


Lucid dream with psychic nature

A seaside town. Bright puffy clouds in a blue sky

bubbly colors everywhere, people’s clothes, the paint on the houses and shops

I go in the van

I wade through a subway river filled with fish that leap at me

Emerge, realize it’s a dream, begin flying. soar up into the clouds and all around until i drop into the subway again due to a split second of self doubt and somewhat lose some lucid ability to do as i please

dream continues with me partially lucid

some friends and i gather in a house. maya is there, seems to be manic

i go to an art festival in a convention hall and collect artwork, looking for pieces that might inspire my friends. someone gifts me an ink drawing of a crow, not realistic, framed with black cloth. i obtain some pretty sparkling embroidery threads

i go back to the van to organize the art and find some of my older artwork tucked away. drawn to a thing i made in this dream wold which is a 3d unicursal hexagram shaped  object with paintings all around it, baphomet in a meadow type thing on one side. the painting is on a foldable wooden structure about nine feet tall standing on the ground. i consider that i must take pictures of all my work so i can finally make that dang website

…then Angel wakes me up, saying chi needs my credit card to fund a site host! i tell hymn i only consent if the server can hold multiple websites so i can make my art site. 🙂



Dream bits: ghost-muck and groceries

I am filled up with ghosts. Like I’m being dragged into metaphysical tar. Angel sitting in front of me plays with my hands like chi is trying to pull me back from it. We are in a cemetery. There’s a gate in front of us, people chilling there look at me smiling like it’s all a joke and I’m about to snap out of it and join them. I break out of the ghost-muck and start bouncing up and down playing with Angel.

A dream with a dress rehearsal; I’m volunteering to help put it together. I am running around the city looking for items the directors have asked for. Through old wooden hotel rooms. I go back to the theater and each of us volunteers is given a bag of groceries…fresh veggies! Some are unhappy wondering where the chips and stuff are.