Tarot mini reflection: small hands which spill the wine

Deck: the deviant moon tarot deck

Spread: the four of swords spread designed by asaliearthwork, (https://www.asaliearthwork.com/blog/2016/12/21/solstice-four-of-swords-restwork-spread)


  • Bottom: What is my sleeping path?
    • The Tower
      • Falling from the tower, a sudden upset/upheaval/change. As he falls his fancy coattails unfurl behind him, so well dressed, doesn’t stop the fall. The tower crumbles.
  • Left: Nightmare (relationship to fear)
    • Seven of Wands, reversed
      • She’s running thru the woods, small hands lifted in surrender/defense. There are bleeding scratches on her arms and legs, perhaps from the thorny thicket of wands growing all around her, each of which is topped with a claw-like flower. Her childlike hands stick out to me. This scene makes me think of the violent tussel I went through the last time I saw my father, and parent’s general interest in perceiving me as a lost child in the woods, incapable of finding my own way. Smothered and helicoptered for her entire life, how can this child make things happen for herself?
  • Right: Dream (relationship to hope)
    • 2 of cups
      • A bond, lovers, attraction, two energy-complexes come together. The female figure on the card has a hand resting on her belly, funny to me as bellyrubbing has been a frequent part of this relationship. The male figure, a skeleton wearing a red coat lined with gold, makes me think of a pirate. Seems to relate to Angel, who I in a sense “ran away to sea” with.
  • Top: What is my waking path?
    • 8 of cups, reversed
      • She moves on, away from the culmination of her past achievements. Perhaps she is seeking a deeper truth, one that speaks to her emotional and spiritual senses. Like I have left school and haven’t looked back yet, escaping the boxlike learning of university and family life.



Art show dream-bit

I have an art show in a dimly lit art space. All my paintings are up, people come and are fascinated by my work. Someone gives me a special “artist’s travel card” by which I may take the buses…the bus never comes. I wake up somewhat dismayed to lose all the success I seem to have achieved in the dream world lol