Dream: I Uncover Death; The Celebration

We are in a giant pumpkin patch maze looking for the party that my entire family is throwing for me. I am wearing leather boots that are a little gothy with a high heel. Haystacks tower several feet above me on all my sides.

Paul is there, dressed in the burgundy and purple paisely shirt I love so much. He bows, holding my hand and kisses it, I see the love burning behind his slightly red eyes.

I pull him close. Kiss him goodbye and walk away. I do not know if he knows it is our last kiss, but I intend for him to realize it by sunset so as to save himself the embarrassment of seeing my family.

I materialize with Tom somewhere, who I feel somewhat obligated to watch over. I take him into the place where all my family is gathered. He speaks for a long time, in a monologue, talking about his life. I get the feeling that everyone is waiting for him to finish, increasingly growing humorous. He jokes that he is a temporary artist. My aunt blurts “She is an artist, and not temporary.” Then Johnny comes to escort Tom away; I come too.

When I return, everyone is trying to give me advice and wants to film me. I am switched to the viewpoint of the film, which is from below my face. They start touching my face, dragging their thumbs across my face, making my skin ripple slightly. I look indifferent to the groping, but a little pleased to be on the camera. I have tattoos all over my face.
Something says to me. “Death: accepting inemotion.”


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