Journey 6/16/17 via mirror gazing

First I see a hunched dark shadow. I approach it and it scratches desperately at me. I say I just want to love you and see you. Eventually it reveals itself to me. She has my head, shaved and all, but has the body of a young girl. I watch her struggle to accept my love, but she lets me hold her eventually. She then stands before me, shakes a little, and transforms into a tutu and other flowing clothing. She twirls. She asks me to dance with her. We dance for some time, then she backs away from me. She looks scared and uncertain, maybe like she doesn’t know if she can trust me. I feel like a parent figure this whole time. She is suddenly naked. She stands before me for some time, just looking at me, and going through emotions in her head. Eventually she sits, cross-legged, and picks at her skin, pulling it back to reveal a bright shining light coming through. I watch her as she slowly unravels and her body sheds eventually, and she is made of light.


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